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There are certainly any questions in connection with the race. Here are frequently asked questions:
I want to change distance, you can arrange it for me?
Answer: Information about changing the distance can be found here.
Can I give the starting number to another person or to sell it?
A: Start number / bib is belong to the individual's name and can not be transferred. If you still choose to let another run under your name, both he / she and you will not only be disqualified, but also banned from future races. This is common in most races, so we are not uncommon sucks;)
Where and when can we pick we start number?
Answer: Sport 1 Storgata Friday, May 20 kl.1000-2000. Here are maps / address.
Will Ecotrail Oslo in 2016 sold out?
Answer: Yes, we dare to claim that it is. In the second edition of Ecotrail Oslo, we have set a ceiling of 2,500 participants.
Going rate at start up license after Christmas?
Answer: The price increases by 100 million in all distances from 1 February.
Applicable really offer of free shoes for all participants for next year? It's amazing! But when I get the shoes?
Answer: Yes, it's fantastic offer, if we do say so ourselves! The first 2500 words get a couple Altra Superior 2.0, but no one is forced to receive terrain shoe with a value of 1300, -. The shoes are distributed from April 4th at Sport 1 Storgata in Oslo. Information about it, as well as information about change of size, can be found here.
How can I know the size I wear?
Answer: We suggest that you check whether your nearest sports shops sell it, and try there.
I chose a shoe size when I signed on to Ecotrail, but now I have been in a store and found out that I would change the shoe size, but how do I do it?
Answer: It makes the Peak Time, which means that you must log where you signed up for the race, that the Peak Time. You must do it there until April 4th. After that you can try to change size when you pick up the shoes, but then you must read this information first.
I doubt I will run. I can not wait to sign up in the starting area?
Answer: It is not possible to register in the starting area.
Is there a waiting list after you have closed the registration, in case anyone withdraws?
Answer: When we closed the registration is no longer possible to get the starting number. There is no waiting list, although not by any declination.
Where is the start of 18, 30, 45 and 80 km? Starting all distances at the same time, and when is the start?
Answer: Go to Distances on the menu this website, click the distance to run and select "Presentation".
Is it dull start and split times?
Answer: Matt Start, and between times, unnatt split times of 18 km.
What we get served drinks and food during the race?
Answer: Water, cola, sports drink, salt biscuits, sandwiches, soup, chocolate, potato chips, oranges.
We get some free drinks and food at the finish line?
Answer: There are free drinks at the finish. Otherwise, you can buy a lot of good eating and drinking in the target area.
Is the course well marked all the way?
Answer: The route will be marked with new brand ties with reflex and Ecotrail Oslo logo in size. 40cm * 5cm. It is WWF which marks the trail for us this year.
Are there medical personnel along the trail?
Answer: Norwegian People's Aid manning an ambulance which is stationed at Fossum. These assists when needed and as long as one race.
Are there similar rules at all distances? Do I eg running with sack on 18 and 45 km? Answer: No. See the rules under "equipment" under the abutments, which can thus find the menu on the left of this page.
What do I do if I have to break? How do I get to the target area where hand luggage mine is?
Answer: Unless you are not able to go, taking you to the target on its own. A "race manual" with maps and info sent out in advance of the race.
Will my personal belongings guarded while running?
Answer: In the starting area you can submit your hand luggage. At that attach an adhesive label that you get when you pick up your start number. Hand luggage will be safely held by us and transported to the target area. It says volunteers who dispenses hand luggage, and they check that your start number is identical to the number attached to the hand luggage.
How do I get to the starting area?
Answer: Here comes detailed information in "race Manual" that we send out in advance of the race. Dedicated buses, for example, set up 30 km starting in Sørkedalen and 18km Fossum.
How / where can I check the results?
Answer: Temporary results are made available immediately here on our homepage and at Peak Time. The official results will be published after they have been checked. It can take anywhere from a day to a week.
I would like to have a diploma. How can I get it?
Answer: The Diploma will be posted on the website a few days after the race. You can download your personal certificate with your name and start number / bib.
Are there prizes for the top three male and female in all distances?
Answer: Yes
Is it class prizes in all distances?
Answer: No
Do you accept the image of anyone passing some point so I have a chance to find picture of myself so that I can post on facebook?
Answer: Yes, we are focusing on! We should also speak up before the race where to smile :-)
Gets all finishertrøye in the target area?
Answer: 80 km-runners get sweater, all the others will receive a T-shirt. There are Helly Hansen who produce these for 2016 and that means it can be good char di training tours for the rest of 2016.
How can I check that I actually registered and / or that my registration is complete?
Answer: You can always check by signing onto the same page as you signed up for the race. That is here. A statement was also sent to the email address you provided when you registered. If you have not received any confirmation, check your spam folder!
It's possible I'm blind, but I do not have a date for when you arrange Ecotrail Oslo in 2016!
Answer: May 21 are several places here at home, including the top about the middle when you are on the front / home.

Frequently asked questions:

Please read the Race Manual for Ecotrail Oslo 2017. Se above on this page. It should give answers to practical questions you might about the race May 21st.

The PDF above does not cover the frequently asked questions below:, so here goes:

I want to change distance, can you please arrange it for me?
Answer: Information about change of distance can be found here.

Can I give the start number to another person or sell it?
A: No. It belongs to the individual's name and can not be transferred. For the 2018-race it will be possibe for you to re-register/sell via our registration system! But unfortunately not for the 2017-race.

Can I register for the race in the starting area?
Answer: It is not possible to register in the starting area.