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Ecotrail Oslo is a race in the heart of the Norwegian capital. The participants will have the chance to explore both urban trails and forest trails.
The “Ecotrailers” will be taken through historical areas that are now used for recreation, such as picnics, swimming, fishing, walking, running and cross-country skiing, and they will see the heart of the new city. On top of this, the two longest routes will include the forests that uniquely surround Oslo.
When they are just below the famous ski jump they will get a panorama view over the entire capital and see how the fjord and the woods strategically situate Oslo.
Along the last 10 km of the route, they will smell the salty sea – and finally, the finish line at the unique art project called Salt (photo) with a view towards the Opera House. At Salt you can enjoy a sauna big enough for 150 people! We will throw a party here as well at the night of the race day. We plan to serve Bacalao, at an extra cost. More info will be announced later.
The Ecotrail-concept focus on environmental awareness in mass events. Ecotrail Oslo implements a strict environmental policy and promotes a “leave no trace” behavior through its participants. One example is that the runners have to carry a tiny, designed bag to keep trash during the race and they will also have to bring their own cup to pour water with. This is contrary to what we often see in regular races and marathons where thousands of cups and paper from the runners are floating in the streets.

The distances in Ecotrail Oslo are 10 km 20 km, 20 km Nordic Walking, 30 km, 45 km and 80 km.

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Sign up for May 20th 2017 here: https://topptid.no/myreg/info/2008