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28/01/2015 12:07 

New Big Run in Oslo

ecoTrail Oslo is a brand new event to be held in Oslo for the first time in 2015. The race is unique as it will follow the green areas in and around the capital. Experiencing nature close to the urban city. The concept was developed in France and comes to Oslo, Stockholm, Barcelona and Milan in 2015. Below is a description of the course.

Text and images are available free of charge.%u2028LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zzi68vlfhr4mbyv/AAAobmnIiQ_8QVW4kH7BGFRta?dl=0

Green run in the middle of the city

Join in and run along the Akerselva river, into the forest of Nordmarka , down Lysakerelva river - and along the fjord to the Opera; which is the start and finish of ecoTrail 2015. Tie your trail shoes and join Norway's largest ultra run.

Text: Lise Lysfjord Pettersen 
Photo: Henning Lauridsen

On May 23rd next year we are ready for a whole new race in Oslo. ecoTrail is an international concept developed in France. The race is currently held in Paris and Brussels, and in 2015, ecoTrail comes to Oslo. 

- ecoTrail is a race for everybody who uses the green lungs in European cities. 90 percent of the course is on paths, hiking trails and dirt roads - right in the big city, says race organizer Tomas Pinås.


Start and finish at the Opera

Participants can walk or run 18 km, run 45 km - and the very fittest can embark on the longest distance of 80 km. The 80km course runs from the Norwegian Opera house and ballet in Bjørvika, following the Akerselva river and continues into the forests of Nordmarka and Bærumsmarka before it returns to the opera house. Finishing with the opera house in the background will be a great memory from the race.

Henning Lauridsen is one of those who is looking forward to attending ecoTrail. He has test run the route, and has blogged about it on henninglauridsen.blogspot.no He describes the route in a humorous way, and the blog is an inspiring read.

The first stage goes to Frognerseteren and then towards the lakes of Maridalsvannet and Fagervann.

"It is beautiful along Fagervann. About 20 years ago we were on mountain bike ride just north of the lake and landed in the middle of a battle between 30 struggling Vikings. It was most likely a reenactment , but I've never been quite sure. There aren't any vikings here now, but two tents at the north end of the lake looked as if they were abandoned. "

From Fagervann the journey continues on to a favourite place for walkers, joggers and cyclists: Sognsvann. Thereafter the run continues to Holmenkollen, Tryvanns tower, and then to the top of Wyllerløypa, before continuing down to Sørkedalen.

On the test run Henning Lauridsen had to tackle some pretty unusual challenges.

"On Zinoberveien i met a very angry wasp which was after my half-eaten Snickers I had in my hand. It wouldn't go away as much as I tried to wave it away, but instead stung me on the scalp, which I took as a serious reminder that I'm getting thin hair. The intoxicating effects of the venom injected directly into my head meant that the run down to Sørkedalen shop & cafe was unusually easy."


City and Country

Next we arrive in Bærum.

"By the dam at the southern end of the lake the route crosses an unguarded border between Oslo and Akershus. We venture into the mythical country municipality of Bærum, which has produced the likes of Fridtjof Nansen, Ivo Caprino, Gro Harlem Brundtland, Harald Eia and Harriet Backer. As well as the infamous wife murderer Peder Ringeneie who was unfortunate enough to have his head cut off in 1847."

The journey carries on to the lakes of Østernvann and Bogstadvannet. Then crosses Lysaker river by the old Fossum Ironworks.

"Many will be tired here, and it will probably be easy to get emotional if you start thinking about the poor and hard life of the working families of the ironworks nearly 200 years ago." 

Lauridsen sums up this stage as nice and varied, where it winds its way past the tourist attractions, recreation areas and cultural landscapes.


Grinidammen dam to the Opera

From Grinidammen dam the route follows the trails and paths along the river to Lysaker.

"Along the paths and trails the vegetation is dense and green and for most of us this is the closest you get to the Amazon during your life."

In the next area you can expect to increase your speed from an unexpected sourse.

"In several of the surrounding housing associations, it is mandatory to have a dog if you want to live there. A friend of mine was refused to buy an apartment a few years ago because he did not want to have a dog. The concentration of dogs and their owners is therefore high on this stretch of the path that runs past these houses. If you are afraid of dogs, you only have to run faster."

It's not just dog runners you should watch out for:

"You cross the river just west of shopping centre CC Vest. In this area you should be aware that the route goes a few steps away from the country's largest concentration of well-trained and blonde women, scutterling back and forth between Elixia sports centre and the Espresso House with almond or soya milk lattes in their hands."

After you have passed Lysaker train station and Sollerud beach, the route follows the coastal path along what is called Ullerns Riviera to Maxbo DIY store on Vækerø.

Ullerns Riviera

"You follow the fine gravel coastal path on the waterfront at Ullerns Riviera. The stretch here is very nice, and the majority of runners will enjoy this section. The geese in this area are very aggressive and will often chase runners who get too close. I'm afraid a really tired ultra runner will be easy prey for a flock of geese with sharp beaks. I myself managed to get away with a quick spurt of pace over a couple hundred meters."

The coastal path ends just after Maxbo, and it winds its way to the pedestrian and cycle path that the newspaper Dagens Næringsliv christened the "Tour de Finance". The route follows along Bestumkilen and out along Frognerkilen towards Aker Brygge quayside.

The last stretch up to the Opera goes through Aker Brygge, the City Hall Square, and around Akershus castle along the waterfront.

"You might want to straighten up and look your best when you pass the beer-drinking crowds at the Beach Club."

Henning Lauridsen warmly recommends ecoTrail for everybody.

I think the course is a nice, fun route and I look forward to participating in the 80 km long course on 23 May 2015, he says.


Facts about ecoTrail Oslo 2015

  • New race held in Oslo on 23 May next year. Focusing on the environment.
  • You can choose between 18, 45 or 80 km long route.
  • The route gives you an experience of nature close to the city.
  • ecoTrail follows the same rules as the "trail" run: Respecting nature, explore your own personnel borders, respectful, sporting ethics and safety.
  • Registration is open. There is only space for 750 runners in the 80km course.
  • Registration Fee 600/900/1200. Kondis-discount.
  • Participants receive a T-shirt and medal, as well as a free buffet after the race.
  • ecoTrail is an international concept developed in France. ecoTrail is also held in Brussels, and in 2015 it debuts in Oslo, Stockholm, Barcelona and Milan.



18 km (beginner): Start at Fossum. The trail runs partly along the Lysaker River, Bygdøy and along Frognerkilen towards the centre. Finishing at the Opera. There is the place for 1250 participants.

45 km Ultra: Start at Holmenkollen. The trail goes through Tryvann, Sørkedalen and on to Bærumsmarka forest. From Grinidammen dam it joins the same trail as the 18 km-route to the Opera. Max 1,000 participants.

80 km Ultra: Start from the Opera House in Oslo. The trail follows the Akerselva river to Maridalsvannet before continuing a circuit of Nordmarka and Bærumsmarka forests, then returns to the Opera House. There is room for 750 participants.

ecoTrail Oslo also offers an 18 km Nordic Walking race. The shortest trail, and walking poles can be used.


Test runners insider tips

The highest point: Tryvanns tower (529 m).

Prettiest section: I particularly like the stretch along the Lysaker river and Ullerns riviera.

The most technical part: Before and after Fagervann lake.

The routes most arduous section: The incline from Sørkedalen and up to Bærumsmarka forest. Parts of the trail along the Lysaker river is also up and down that it will be tiring to run with 70 km already in the legs.

The easiest part: The last part of the race towards the Opera House is a nice and easy run.


The Test Runner

Henning Lauridsen enjoys long tours on skis, bike or on foot. Over the years there have been many bike tours to the highest mountain ranges on the planet, such as his trip over the Himalayas from China to Pakistan, from Peru to Bolivia over the Andes - and from Lhasa in Tibet to Kathmandu in Nepal, via Everest Base Camp.

In addition, Lauridsen rode to the top of the 5421 meter high Mount Chacaltaya in Bolivia.

Skiing 230km non-stop from Bærum to Gjøvik, and on to Grua is so far his longest trip. But new trips are planned.

On running the front he has run several Ultramarathon, such as the Xreid Hardangervidda, Thames Path 100 miles - and the delightful absurd Bislett 24h Indoor Challenge.

He is currently undertaking in the Bærum project, which involves thorough physical exploration of the area of Bærum. The first stage was running to the 10 highest peaks in the county.


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